Apr 30

How the voice of Hockeytown lost his son to drugs and insurance fraud

Ken and his ex-wife received medical bills and insurance paperwork from the facilities Jamie lived in for about four months after his death.

“I’m amazed with the greed at someone’s expense, at their life expense,” Lisa Daniels says. “How do you look in the mirror? I will never get over the anger. That I know.”

Lisa and Ken say they agreed to share Jamie’s story, in part, to remove the stigma addiction carries. Jamie was college educated, was working as a law clerk and had a loving and supportive collection of friends and family members, and yet he still couldn’t beat his addiction. If it could happen to him, they say, it could happen to anyone.

For the first time, ABC will simulcast ESPN’s coverage of Rounds 4-7 on April 28 (noon ET). NFL Network will cover the later rounds, too. Fans also can also stream the action through NFL, Fox Sports and ESPN apps.

ESPN’s “College GameDay” will even put its college-themed twist on the draft Thursday and Friday. Rece Davis will be joined by “GameDay” regulars Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit and Desmond Howard behind the mic.

Coughlin expanded those high expectations to the entire team at this year’s league meetings. The Jaguars added guard Andrew Norwell to the offensive line with a big contract, bring back most of last year’s highly-ranked defense and have running back Leonard Fournette with a year of NFL experience under his belt, all of which fueled Coughlin’s statement that team brass expects even bigger things after a division title and a trip to the AFC Championship Game.

There’s only one way to go up from there and coach Doug Marrone said this week that he’s more than happy to take on that burden.

“I embrace that,” Marrone said, via ESPN.com. “I’d much rather be on team that has expectations than on a team with like, ‘Look, these guys, they’re awful. Here they go.’”

There were a lot of years when people were saying that and worse about the Jaguars, so it is definitely a different day in Jacksonville.

The Colts would not have moved back to No. 6 overall without knowing who they might be able to select. Chubb is exactly what the Colts need from a skill-set and personality perspective.bills_064

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