Mar 25

Report: Ebron to visit Panthers, Colts, potentially Patriots

Former first-round tight end Eric Ebron is set to visit with the Carolina Panthers on Friday and the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, a source told Adam Schefter of ESPN. It was also suggested to Schefter that Ebron will subsequently meet with the New England Patriots if he leaves both prior destinations unsigned.

He remained at Boston Children’s Hospital for a week and then continued chemo. One year later, the tumors had shrunk enough that he no longer required treatment. Deep breath. Hudson was able to attend the Patriots Super Bowl victory over the Falcons 13 months ago and celebrated with his dad on the field in the confetti after the game. The Solders were told by doctors to brace themselves that the tumors could one day be back. They had 11 months of hope before an MRI revealed the tumors had indeed returned in both kidneys last September. He’s back on chemotherapy.

He’s handling it really well, Solder told the Boston Globe in November.

It’s really difficult to have to restart all that stuff, but we kind of knew it was coming so we’ll do whatever it takes for him to be healthy.

He finished the season with 482 yards on 53 catches and averaged just 9.1 yards per catch. However, Nelson is a dominant red-zone player, having caught 27 touchdowns combined in 2014 and 2016 (he missed all of the 2015 campaign due to a torn ACL).

New York/New Jersey has world-class cancer hospitals so he knows Hudson will get great care. It’s easy to say players follow the money in free agency and more often than not it’s true. But with Solder, the story runs deeper. Although he has not yet spoken about his signing with the Giants, it’s logical to assume if he was going to relocate after seven years in New England, he only wanted to play in a city that had facilities with a great reputation that could treat his son. Solder himself had survived testicular cancer in 2014. The Patriots rave about Solder’s character and how he’s handled every parent’s nightmare.

It’s amazing what he and his family have gone through and the support that they’ve gotten for little Hudson and we’re right there with him, Brady said on the Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon in 2016.canucks_037

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